Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3d printing update

3d printing can now do transparent materials.

Now higher temperature materials are possible, to house a light bulb, or make a coffee cup. This also means a 3d printed thing can now be chromed.

ABS like material (both strong and flexible) allows for springs and hinges

Rubber like (for seals and gaskets)

The ones above are from Objet, and  here is a link to the list of materials they can now simulate. They have over fifty.

People have now 3d printed:
ConcreteWood, glass,  Alumide metal,  Ceramics,  Stainless steel,  Multiple colorsIcing and cookie doughSugarAnodizing and nickle plating, paper, skin, organs teeth, salt, bone, fabric, ice foam, plaster, resin, silver, wax and terracota

I am sure this list will grow.