Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Vampire Moloch.

This is how I wrote the background and history for a Vampire: Dark Ages character, where the stated campaign plan was to eventually bring the characters all the way into present times. I now have him as a loose cannon villain in my World of Darkness  games. A homeless, tragic, monster.

(for those who don't know, all player characters in this game are vampires, and a recurring theme of the game revolves around how to retain some shred of humanity when you are a monster)

((this parchment was found in a buried clay pot near the Thames River in 1780, along with some coins, some silver throwing spikes, and a box full of lockets of hair, ribbons, and trinkets))
Moloch tells Mortal this so Moloch can remember.

Moloch talks. Mortal writes.

Moloch promises not to kill Mortal, if Mortal does what Moloch wants. Mortal can never tell anyone. Or Moloch will know. And Moloch will find mortal. Moloch is good at that.

NO! write everything! Write everything Moloch says. Yes yes. This too.

This was a long time ago. and Moloch is having trouble remembering. Remembering how to talk to mortals... what food tastes like, and why Moloch is Moloch.

Moloch is lonely. Master Jed went away. Master Jed made Moloch strong. Moloch misses Master Jed.

When Moloch was a boy. Mother didn't want Moloch, Moloch has six brothers and six sisters, and Moloch was the youngest. Moloch was ugly. Back was strong, but twisted. Moloch can't stand straight. Mother sold Moloch for seven silver coins, because Mother was tired of feeding Moloch.

Moloch was put in a pit to fight wolves. Many mortals watched as the wolves tried to kill Moloch

Moloch isn't going to kill THIS mortal for that. It was a long time ago.

This Mortal doesn't watch little ones get eaten by wolves, does it? Moloch didn't think so, Mortal should stop crying.

But Moloch was stronger, and faster. Moloch killed the wolves. All of them.

Master Jed was watching, and bought Moloch. Master Jed wanted someone strong and hard. to watch over Master Jed when he slept, and to kill Master Jeds enemies.

Master Jed changed Moloch. Faster and harder and very very strong..

Moloch loved Master Jed. Loved him with all his heart. Master Jed promised Moloch he would make him his son, but Master Jed did not. Master Jed made him something else. Master Jed already had a son, Ober.

Ober didn't like Moloch.

Ober made Moloch love him. Ober tricked Moloch. Moloch drank from Obers arm, again and again. Moloch was made to love Ober, as much as he loved Master Jed.

Master Jed would ask Moloch to do something, and Moloch would do it. Moloch loved doing it. Whatever Master Jed wanted, Moloch would give it to him.  Moloch belongs to Master Jed. Moloch misses him.

Ober was bad. He did whatever Master Jed wanted. but he hated doing it. Ober wanted to kill master Jed.

Ober punished Moloch for loving Master Jed. He kept Moloch in a barrel. He nailed Moloch to a wall. Ober cut Moloch open and pulled Molochs heart somewhere else. That hurt. He made Moloch do bad things. Things that made Moloch wish he was still nailed to the wall. Ober wanted Moloch to kill Master Jed.

Master Jed knew Ober was bad to Moloch. Sometimes Master Jed would go away. Sometimes for a long time. ten years. fifty years. Moloch forgives Master Jed. Master Jed was very busy. This was how it was for many many years.

Mortal shouldn't look at Moloch like that. Mortal should WRITE about and not THINK about Moloch!

One day, Ober tried to kill Master Jed. Master Jed came home hurt and hungry, and Ober attacked Master Jed from behind. Ober almost killed Master Jed. But Moloch stopped him. Something changed in Moloch. Moloch knew that Ober tricked Moloch into loving Ober. Moloch killed Ober. Moloch pulled Ober's head off.

Then Moloch went to help Master Jed.

Master Jed was so hungry. He bit Moloch deep, and took all of Molochs blood. Then he thanked Moloch for saving his life, and gave Moloch back some. Moloch was now Master Jed’s Son!

Moloch followed Master Jed, wherever he goes, and did whatever Master Jed wants. Master Jed sometimes was angry at Moloch for following him and told him to stop. But Moloch knew he didn't really mean it. Master Jed was annoyed that Moloch didn't do whatever Jed said anymore, but Moloch still loved Master Jed.

Sometimes Master Jed went away, and didn't tell Moloch where he went. Sometimes it took months to find Master Jed again. But Moloch always found Master Jed. Sometimes, Moloch thinks Master Jed was hiding from Moloch. But Master Jed wouldn't do that.

Mortal should WRITE and not look at Moloch, Moloch has told mortal TWICE! Mortal should stop crying! Mortal should WRITE!

Master Jed took Moloch to a room, and staked Moloch to a bed. Master Jed didn’t know Moloch wasn’t stopped. Master Jed didn’t know that Ober had moved Moloch’s heart. Moloch was tricky. Master Jed said he was sorry, but he had to kill Moloch. Moloch was dangerous.

Master Jed was right.

Moloch killed master Jed. Moloch is sorry. Moloch didn't want to, but Moloch didn’t want to die. Now Moloch is forever free. Moloch misses master Jed.

Moloch doesn't know what to do.

Mortal can leave now..

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