Saturday, April 9, 2011

AR landscaping ap

THIS app is for urban developers to allow people who download it to see what a new structure will look like before it is built. It's using geotag information to overlay an AR "skin" with the changes visible from a variety of angles, so you can walk around the new structure, and get an idea of what it will really look like.


Heh, but what I want,what I really want,  is the ability to skin the area with say a "Dr Seuss" overlay (or steam punk, or industrial, or enchanted fantasy), so  I can walk around a park full of pink puffball trees and giant bent soap bubble volcanoes, watching a lorax watching me.

I can even envision buying a small park, putting in a few geometric scuptures to act as AR anchors, and hashing up some serious code for a couple dozen skins, and charging admission to walk around in some very cool wonderlands..

I cannot wait for AR glasses.