Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Airtap guitar.

from wimp

I love discovering people who have skills I envy. I can't play a musical instrument, and sometimes wish I could. I never heard of this technique till this morning

The guy at the end say's "buy his album in the link below" and did not include one, so I tracked down a way... here.

So while reading the comments someone says it's the same style as Erik Mongrain... Ok, cool, this is an actual style! so I look him up here.

you can get his music here. Erik Mongrain's got a TON of stuff.

Now I'm really having some fun, this is called "Airtap"or "Laptap"....
 so who else is doing it...
This guy is!

and this guy's playing with sound effects while doing it.... pretty cool.

and there's this guy with an electric acoustic.

And that's how I spent my morning, learning about airtap, and playing with my blog. And now the kids are waking up.