Monday, April 11, 2011

23 and me is having a sale

23 and me is the website I've talked about here and here... Send off for a 15 dollar kit, with a 10 buck monthly subscription. (The 200 dollar part is gone!)

Then spit in the tube they send you, mail it back, and they provide you with a detailed DNA analysis for health, ancestry, and relationship status... not only that, they have a monthly deal for ten bucks that stays current on any new DNA findings that come up, and can compare your DNA to other people in the database (anonymously) doing this. Over time this database can only become more and more useful.

The medical profession thinks that people should go to a doctor so you can spit in a cup there, and then they can send it to a lab, get the results back, and THEN tell you what the results are... well... whatever results they decide to tell you, that is. This whole peer to peer medical thing is something they don't like at all. It kind of sidelines a lot of what they do, and for a lot less money.

If you want this, I'd get it done  sooner rather than later, because you may not be allowed to in the future.