Saturday, February 12, 2011

Post Industrial

From Next Big Future , The Economist  is pointing out that with 3d printing, it costs no more or less to make one of something, than it does to make a thousand. How technically complicated a piece is, how many curves, how many bends, no longer matters as much, and it's more environmental too.

Talk about disruptive technology.... what happens when people can routinely customize everything they buy. What happens when companies only assemble the complete product after an order has been placed for it? We are already doing that with tee shirts, baseball caps, vinyl stickers for our phones and laptops. It won't be long before we routinely customize the actual casings on all our products so that the things we care the most about are obviously unique and reflective of our personalities.

After custom modding the outside of things... we now start customizing the insides too... having it run the software we choose. After all, if you can't fix it, you don't own it.
What happens when we own a device that can print out whatever we need? What happens when it can print itself? when we can go online and look up a product, and print it out directly Or we just order it online? Maybe a favorite game character...

What happens when large manufactures realize they are on the same disruptive roller coaster as the  music and print  industries? Where people see something they like, and simply make a version for themselves?

Already happening.