Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ninja Gardening

"Ok Synchronize watches. 1:25 am  Let's go over the plan once more.... John, you act as lookout, you beatbox if you see someone and we have to freeze till he's gone... You freak out and holler if we need to abort and bug out. 
"We start with everyone converging on the target with assigned plants, buckets and  tools.... then grabbing a hoe... we have the weeds scraped off the first five feet in four minutes... Me, Tina and Jolie, keep scraping, everyone else onto phase 2.
"Dave and Jim, just like we practiced, holes dug in less than 2 minutes using the post diggers. six holes apiece spaced one post hole tool apart. Mike, You drop in the plants the second each hole is done, Jim, you pat it down and fill while Mike goes after the next plant. Tina and Jolie keep scraping, Dave and Jim grab the grass rolls, Laying sod till we finish. Once the sod is done we start filling the buckets with the weed soil.
"Phase three. Bucket line. All the trimming passing up to the target, buckets of weeds coming back to the truck.
"All of us at this point start working on the decorative trim plants... Dave is in charge of the garden gnome,  Tina does the memorial Plaque"
"At this point we load all tools back in the truck, quick change out of the overalls, and scatter... Meeting back at the rendezvue point by 3am. we good?
"In and out in twenty minutes. That's the plan. Go!"

I've had this kind of plan in my mind for years. Every time I see an empty lot that could use some pretty, I imagine such a scenario. Turns out people are doing something like it already.
(update) and in Los Angeles too!