Saturday, February 19, 2011

Micro projectors

Why is this little projector such a big deal? For one thing, it can project a screen onto any surface, making any blank wall into a computer screen.

Add a couple camera's to it, and some good software, and now you've got something impressive. how about mapping a digital image onto a static surface, like these people are doing? a few of these projectors in carefully placed locations would give any surface whatever treatment you wish, changeable at a button press.

Where it will really shine though... is with sixth sense.

Pranav Mistry (yup, he's on my list) has already built and open sourced a method that uses a wearable projector and camera combination to do all kinds of things.... this is the ted conference that blew my mind and got me into following teds to begin with.

I'm telling ya. These little things are going to be big. If they are cheap enough, people will own lots of them.