Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mr Beam

I see a Mr Beam future with white walls, white furniture, and white accessories.

Living Room from Mr.Beam on Vimeo.

The stuff they do to large buildings is damned impressive.

Heh, and the best part is.... it would still be hard to see all my 3-year-olds chocolate milk stains.

This was created by Mo Assem and Ruben Van Esteric.  THEY credit beamsystems  but it's not in English. Video mapping and animation pioneers. I'd start watching these people... they have a future.

Question. the obvious drawback is that a person on the couch would be blinded by the  projector and might end up mapped with unwanted patterns. or does this system track and respond to dynamic elements? If it does... dance clubs just got a whole new level of funk.

Hrm... thinking more on this... augmented reality, still using the mapping, but projecting the designs only onto the inside of your augmentation glasses.... Why, this means I can have a Victorian Gentleman's Steampunk Library skin on my apartment, while my wife enjoys a homespun hobbit hole, and the kids have Powerpuff Girl running battles with Mojojo on their walls.