Saturday, February 26, 2011

AR Watch: Daqri

A great idea, but focussed on advertisement and content delivery through QR codes. I see it being used another way.

A few months after this takes off, I can picture hobbyists becoming bazillionairs designing virtual skins that people would wrap objects in, then print little stickers with the QR code so your AR glasses or phone  can detect them. This would allow me (with AR glasses, Damnit, I want AR glasses) to skin my stuff, letting me have a Steampunk Captain Nemo living room that only I can see when I'm wearing the glasses. With the right software, no reason why that same sticker can't repoint to a different skin based on the preferences of a different user (my kids can have powerpuff girl running battles on their walls). Their website says coming soon... so this is all we got right now.

now, to see what I mean,  combine it with this.