Tuesday, August 2, 2011

507 mechanical movements, 3d printed

I was learning how to use google sketch up. Mostly because I want to really understand how it works, but also because I have some invention ideas I'm wanting to flesh out and see if they would really work.

A book I bought a while ago is 507 mechanical movements.  While playing with sketchup I realized a perfect thing to upload into public domain would be working models of each and every illustration in the book. If they were uploaded in a format that could be resized on demand, and could be easily linked together, then people could put together fantastic contraptions litterally by dragging and dropping them into the things they wanted to make.

I gleefully began to prepare myself... and then discovered two things.

One. I suck.

Sketchup is not exactly like drawing. It's going to take me a LONG time, and a lot of practice before I can start making the things I want to make. I now have a much stronger appreciation for the things found in thingiverse. What they are doing isn't easy.

Two. Someone is already doing it

 Alex Schlegel, I applaud you.

I'd love to see a compilation created of each and every one of these incredible machines made so anyone can access them. Is anybody else working on something like this? I'd love to see it.