Thursday, July 21, 2011

Exciting stuff

I've had a short story accepted by "The Tomorrow Project" Its a collection that is being put out by the University of Washington, and the Intel corporation...

The basic deal is they were asking for science fiction stories that would highlight some of the new technology they are currently working on.

I submitted three stories, and one got accepted. I'm not sure how long before the book gets published, but wow... suddenly I'm a writer.

When I got the Google+ early adopter invite, I ended up hunting down a lot of writers I like and putting them into my circles. One of them, Jody Swaney has put out an open call to create a collection of short stories using the new google+ as a core collaboration tool... with all proceeds going to charity. Essentially a way to test what this puppy can do. He's gotten quite a bit of interest, and multiple people are now actively and enthusiastically working on this.

I stepped up as a writer, my wife volunteered to assist with proofreading.

Now, I'm sharing some of my stories with this group, and reading a lot stories not yet published, and meeting people who will be editing, illustrating, proof reading and organizing the whole thing. It's incredible.

So, I have gone from nothing, to having one story being published, and being involved in a project to create a short story collection... all in an incredibly short amount of time.

Stay tuned.