Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jet Packs

When I was a kid I loved watching shows like Ark 2, Salvage 1, and The Rocketeer.... why? Jetpacks! the one on tv was real, but the fake one from the movie was better. The real one never showed people flying for very long, and never close up. I found out years later its because that particular jetpack only had enough fuel for about 90 seconds. So today, I decided to look jetpacks up. A great site is flying into the future that has a lot of history on jet packs, rocket chairs, and other ways to spectacularly die.

The first one were invented in world war II by the Germans and was called the "Himmelst├╝rmer" (Heaven Stormer) and basically let you hop a good 180 feet. Then came the jump belt in 1958 also called Project Grasshopper, but it never really went anywhere. A whole series of jetpacks ensued from these early inventions.

Research is still continuing now on making jetpacks. The safest is this one, the most fascinating is this one.