Friday, June 3, 2011

23andme results

Six weeks ago, during their sale I signed up for 23and me. They mailed me a test tube, I spit into it, and mailed it back. The results are now on their website. Interesting stuff actually.

On my Mothers side, I'm part of the U5b2b haplogroup.. with its primary origins in the Sami people of northern Finland (apparently "Lapp" is derogatory, but that's all my grandmother called her ancestors). Since my mothers mothers maiden name was Reinders... I'm not at all surprised.

On my Fathers side, I'm part of the I1* haplogroup. Which comes primarily from the isolation of the last ice age in a northern European basin formed when the seas receded, and is now underwater. An ancient Atlantis like area called Doggerland. Since this is right around Scotland, I can be assured I came by the last name of Kirkland honestly.

The traits I have genetically are kinda interesting... They know I have blue eyes, and (before I balded) curly hair.. I can taste the bitterness in Brussels sprouts and Broccoli. I have the dense muscle structure found in sprinters, and (one that proves that odds are just odds)... a decreased chance of going bald.

 I have a strong likelihood of getting Psoriasis (an itchy skin thing) which my dad suffers from... and a much  lower than average chance of getting Diabetes (thank goodness, because I'm fat)... and a few other disease risks that are statistically low to begin with.

I'm apparently not a genetic carrier for anything particular, so as I have proven at least twice now... I make good kids.

As far as drug response, I metabolize caffeine slowly, and would probably not respond well to hepatitis C treatment. I really should not take the blood thinner warafin.

All in all I've only scratched the surface on what I can find out about myself now... I'm really enjoying this.