Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vusix just announced a pair of consumer AR glasses.

These glases by Vusix are getting much closer  to what I want  It comes with six motion trackers, a camera, and a 1280 x 768 16:9 display.

Here's a press release

NOW we are talkin'! If the price point is reasonable, I'll never take the damn things off. Trading all possibility of social normality for multiple types of supervision. Sign me up.

(update) Please please please let them be able to hook up to multiple brands of smart phones  so that apps can be written by anyone interested.
here's some I want to see.
I wanna see through walls 
I want to superimpose my own images over things that have been mapped and tagged by my camera,
I want gesture based computing based on camera tracking of my own hands.
I want this tied into my phones gps so I can tag physical locations with my own notes.
I want a little terminator heads up display telling me useful things.
I want a gesture to dial up my vision to zoom in or out on something. instant telescope/microscope, software enhanced
I want to have  my phone constantly buffer things, so whenever I see something interesting, I can "scroll back" and permanently save it.