Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mysterium Cosmographicum

It means "The Secrets of the Universe." At one time it was believed that the essence of all knowledge of matter, time, and space could be understood by careful study of this model. The platonic solids, nested one inside each other could explain planetary movements, and all of mathematics. The distilled knowledge of  Copernicus, Pythagoreus, and Plato were stored inside. The picture here is only the inner spheres...there are many more layers.

In  Uraniborg, the great observatory of Tycho Brahe, his student Johannes Kepler conceived, created, and became obsessed with it. In the later years of his life,  it was considered a masterwork to make one. If you could craft one correctly you were no longer an "Apprentice Astronomer" or "Journeyman Astronomer" but had now attained the rank of  "Master".

and now. with the help of shapeways, You can buy one.