Saturday, May 28, 2011

google explains why they want to make self driving cars.

"When you make a great product that solves an important problem you will tend to end up with a great business."

What? a whole article to explain that? and a well written article at that? Oh god. Is it really that hard for people to understand?

Hell ,yeah! Robot cars are a good idea.

Hell, yeah! There are going to be some technical details that lawyers are salivating over... and maybe at some point robot cars are going to have a bug that ends up hurting or killing people.

But this I tell you now.

Every single robot car that makes it to the market will be safer in every way than todays current average human driver. After the statistics start to come in, insurance companies will give HEAVY discounts to people who own them. After a few years, they will start to REQUIRE cars be equipped with robot driving options.

Robot cars just make sense.