Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Super Convergence.

Preparing For The Super Convergence: Rise of The Bio-Info-Nano Singularity

This is a great article that explains well what I think is about to happen.
The super convergence... I like that... Less "Rapture" and more "Measured and Plotted" 

Ray Kurzweil and Verner Vinge were the early predictors of this. However i think when it happens, there will be no cataclysmic events, no people lifted into the heavens, no great surprises, but lots and lots of little ones.
Here's my near future extrapolations:

3d Printers will be able to make anything you can think of... just recently Objet announced they can simulate rubber, glass and hard plastics. In the same print job. Speedo, the people who make swimming goggles were the first to be impressed. Everything from bicycles, to food, to living cells, to clocks have now been printed out, layer by layer from a machine that wasted nothing in the process. 

I don't think these machines will be in every home... Rather, I think they will be in the large buildings that once hosted retail merchandise... printing out on demand whatever product you could possibly imagine, assembled (if needed) on the spot, and delivered as soon as it's finished. These local workshops would purchase in bulk what few things they cannot actually make there, like microchips, or rare material bits. But for the most part, due to these printers, economies of scale may vanish. Or at least greatly diminish.

Augmented reality apps are starting to show up all over the place, due to the Ipad's and the 3ds cameras with their host of sensors. a whole lot of companies are now scrambling to make the perfect form factor for this 'new' AR stuff ... (Hint, It's going to be a pair of glasses.) 

Once everyone has a pair of these glasses, damn near everything we think of now as online, as something that you must "go to" in order to get... will also be in a very real sense offline and all around you. Like it or not, it will "come to" you. There will be little difference between Online and Offline, to the point that the terms will be meaningless.

Medical advances are happening so fast it's hard to keep track. 
Today, an average mouse lives a year and a half, about 500 days.
Thanks to Aubrey de Grey and the Methuselah mouse project there are now mice in labs that consistently live for three times that. The oldest so far has made it to  1819 days... and the whole point is that these mice are relatively healthy and active all the way to the end.  The average live span of a human is currently 67.2 years. In some countries, add a decade.  In the United States, the average lifespan has been increasing by about an hour each and every day. 
Get used to your current leaders, in every non-elected system... they may be around a LONG time.  Same for all the other people you know.