Sunday, April 3, 2011

Damned good news. cancer rates are still falling

My mother recently had an operation to remove a node from her lung, because a routine exam found a little black dot on it. It did turn out to be cancer.. This scared the hell out of me. Afterwards, it looks like they got it all. Sighs of relief all around. Mom is recovering nicely, but a bit depressed by the whole experience, and how long it's taking. Mostly this was a reminder to call my mother more often... Dad too.

  I'm very glad to see news like this from  ReasonDoctors's Lounge Medscape (pointing out breast cancer is not falling, but everything else still is) LA times, Belfast Telegraph (who's title is the opposite of the story... weird) and MD news

Most of these articles are thinking this happy decline is a combination of education, early diagnoses, and environmental regulations. So go get checked, listen to your doctors, look up what they tell you on your own, and thank the people at the EPA for making us follow a lot of those damned annoying "you can't burn that, and don't dump that there" rules.

And call your mom.