Monday, March 7, 2011

The Wise men of Gotham (2)

Once upon a time, a man on his way to somewhere else, traveled through the town of Gotham, where the men were as wise as sheep. Even though it was dark outside the traveler had decided not to stay in this town, as he had been this way before, but as he was hurrying through he heard the sounds of men upset and crying. 

Against his better judgment, he looked towards the sound, and saw much of the town gathered around a well, Wailing, holding their heads, and and pacing back and forth. The traveler sighed, knowing he might regret this, but concerned that maybe this time they truly did have a disaster, he approached and asked them what was the matter....

"It's the moon!" shouted one of the men from Gotham, "It has fallen into the well!" The other men nodded in agreement.

At this, the traveler held one hand to his stomach, and rubbing another to his forehead, with eyes closed, and wishing he had some medicinal herbs, he asked them "And how did you discover this?"

"It was I who discovered this, as I went to the well and gathered some water this night, and there, at the bottom of the well, I spied the moon! It may soon drown if we do not rescue it!"

"I.... see." Said the man who was not from Gotham. "I can solve your problem, If each of you pay me a coin." And as quick as can be, a sack was passed around, and all in attendance gladly gave to rescue the moon.

"First gather wood and nails, and the door of that barn over there, and we will cover the well with a roof, so the moon can never fall back in." The Men for Gotham quickly went to task, and under the direction of the traveler, the well had a roof in very little time.

After this was done, the traveler threw a bucket into the well, and drew it up acting with care and precision."Now see, I have rescued the moon from the well." The traveler showed each of the Gothamites in turn the moon in the bucket. Then, with a quick throw, He flung the contents of the bucket into the air, incidentally splashing the bulk of the townsmen. "And there it is," loudly proclaimed the traveler, "The moon is back in the sky!"

The wet but celebrating men from Gotham were so happy to have the moon back in the sky, that they passed a second sack around, paying the man who was not from Gotham again for his help.

And the traveler  (who would someday have a great career in the field of tech support) left the town, slowly shaking his head, as the men from Gotham cavorted and danced.

I tell the stories of the wise men of Gotham  to my kids in the car on road trips. These tales have been around for a very long time.