Tuesday, March 15, 2011

want to be implanted with a microworm?

A microworm is actually a rolled up tube of nanomaterials, created by vapor deposition. Uses could include a series of lines implanted under your skin, that change color depending on certain conditions, such as glucose levels for a diabetics, or blood pressure.  Or precisely timed release of medicines.

The reason this process rocks, is because rolling it up into a tube, you make a stronger, longer material, that still lets you have all the advantages of one layer at a time deposition.

Another thing thats cool about microworms, you can put them inside a person and they stay where they were put. The first nano structures were spherical, and tended to get flushed out of the body.

It's this "stay where we put it" trait in microworms that is proving pretty handy for the medical applications... What good is a nanopill that releases a dose of medicine every hour, if it winds up flowing into your bloodtream, then kidneys, then bladder, and ends up getting flushed?