Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Star Child Skull.

Lloyd Pye thinks he has a skull from an alien-human hybrid. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.
While trying to find out more about this skull, I came across dozens of articles, but nothing from mainstream science sources or universities. The Wikipedia article says the mothers dna is accounted for as native american human, but can't get a good enough sample for the father... also the Wikipedia article sources the last dna test as of 2003. The article also suggests: 

"Potential explanations for the skull's unusual features, apart from the alien-hybrid hypothesis, include the use of cradle boarding on a hydrocephalic child,[9] brachycephaly and Crouzon syndrome.[10]"
Loyd Pye says the most recent 2010 dna test is showing evidence of alien dna via in-vitro feritlization techniques between aliens and a human mother.

Keeping an open mind does not require me to believe Pye, he's the one making the claim that would change a lot of our current beliefs about the world and the universe beyond. I'm going to need a hell of a lot more proof that this is a human-alien hybrid from 900 years ago in Texas.

 I'm a lot more excited about this meteorite than about this skull.
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