Sunday, March 13, 2011

Siberian Flamingos

According to this article from NPR (Thanks Nate)
A Russian family, in bone chillingly cold November, are surprised to see spiraling down out of the sky, of all things... a flamingo. They live close to a large body of water, so if anyone would have seen such a thing, it would be them.

They nurse it back to health, feed it, warm it up, and since it doesn't get along well with the family dog, eventually find a home for it with a local zoo. Its in the papers and everything... cool story, not much to it.

Except, a year later, it happens again! Different Flamingo, same Russian family. What the heck?

Best guess so far, is that maybe birds use magnetic lines to navigate and that somehow, a few get their signals crossed and head the wrong way.

And people wonder why I stopped reading fiction.