Thursday, March 24, 2011

new battery technology could allow car to recharge in two minutes

According to this article  you could recharge a car in record times using the new technology found in THIS article by nature nanotechnology. I don't want to buy the article though, so I'll go with people who already did and wrote their opininions like wired and science daily.

Basically we don't yet have the infrastructure, and we'd need really thick plugs to avoid melting the wires, but this tech could change everything we think we know about electric cars. They would routinely end up being faster and more powerful than most combustion engines.

Hmm, a really good future business would be having a power source of some sort (wind, water, nuclear, hamsters, whatever), and  setting up a bank of capacitors hooked up to these thick plugs (whatever they would eventually look like), and becoming an "electrical station" instead of a "gas station" Note to self, research feasibility  of a charging station to my dream business.

If you build it. They will come.