Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mad science alert #4 Methuselah Mouse

So a guy named Aubrey de Grey decided to create a couple of prizes 
The longevity prize for whatever lab has the oldest mouse, and the rejuvenation prize for whoever has the oldest mouse with the best er...  quality of life.

The first contest is mostly using genetics to breed a knockout strain that lives longer.

The second used to be called the reversal prize and was offered "to researchers whose interventions keep a mature mouse alive significantly longer than expected." 

They had to change the second prize, I can only assume, because  the labs were using tiny life support systems to keep the dessicated husk of a mouse technically alive, which wasn't at all the point of the prize.

"Whenever a record is broken, the researcher receives an amount based on the current size of the prize and the percentage by which they exceed the previously held record."

These are the latest winners. these prizes are based on donations... and are currently estimated to be over 4 million dollars.  one guy alone donated a cool million 

This is the ted conference that pretty much started it all

and people wonder why I stopped reading fiction.

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