Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pirate Box

A box that connects with an open wifi signal to everyone around it... but does NOT connect to the internet. Allowing you to instantly share with anyone around whatever files you wish, anonymously, and very difficult to find.

I want one!


any reason this can't also be a software application for laptops?

I'd love an app that lets me see anyone around with the same app on their computer, all accessing their wireless, and allowing me to see an icon from them on my computer... I click on the icon, and inside is a list of things they choose to share, that I drag from there onto my computer... I've chosen things on my computer to share as well, and dragged and dropped them into my app. Anyone who wishes can access them, but they have to be within my wifi range. legitimate uses would be for jokes, your own stuff, friendly banter... and that's what I'd use it for... um, yeah.