Friday, January 28, 2011

Paper strip medical tests

Picture a future where you have at home a few dozen strips of special paper, which you bleed on, or lick, or dip in whatever body fluids are required... these fluids are then wicked up into the paper and go to a series of chambers, where chemicals of various types have been infused.
When they hit these chambers, they change colors depending what each test is designed for.

Then you take a picture of the color changes on the strip and send it to a clinic as a txt message.

A color analysis and image program measures what shades and hues the paper changes to, and comes up with a VERY accurate analysis of the results, in almost no time at all.

Testing is possible  for diabetes, or for infections, or various elevated levels of specific hormones, or cells that don't do what they should. This is a long way from pregnancy strips... but they basically do the same things.

you could  even have a smartphone app do the analysis for you.

we already can